Voxeo Provides IVR Platforms and IVR Hosting for Enterprises

Voxeo helps enterprises improve service and lower costs by automating and connecting their most common phone calls with its Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions. Its hosting and premise platform solutions, and developer services powered by VoiceXML and CCXML.

Voxeo’s customers range from the Fortune 50 to 50 of the most innovative small businesses around.   It focuses diligently on their success.   It does not serve long distance carriers, cellular providers, or other companies who are strictly focused on obtaining the lowest tier of pricing available in the IVR or VoIP platform markets.

Also it specializes in providing development platforms for unified customer experience (self-service) and unified communications (real time communications) applications. It’s products are all available as SaaS / Platform as a service (public cloud), on-premise software (private cloud), or hybrid clouds that combine the public-cloud and on-premise components.

Voxeo products include:

  • Prophecy Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform
  • VoiceObjects multi-channel (IVR, SMS, IM, web, social) service creation environment
  • PRISM SIP/HTTP/XMPP Java application server and media server (previously SIPmethod)
  • [advt]Tropo multi-lingual cloud-based communications platform for voice, SMS, IM and Twitter
  • IMified hosted instant messaging application development and deployment platform
  • SMSified hosted SMS (text messaging) application development and deployment platform
  • Phono web-based softphone and coloboration SDK

The Voxeo Prophecy SIP Platform delivers rapid Voice over IP (VoIP) application creation, integration, and deployment capabilities to any enterprise or service provider. Fueled by the power of next-generation XML and telephony standards. It is easy to install voice application development platform, built on SIP, VoiceXML, and CCXML standards.

Prophecy is:

  • Accessible – Prophecy is an openly available, single download product with no configuration required: just one 110MB download including speech recognition (ASR) and speech synthesis, or 180MB download with ASR, TTS, and the Voxeo Designer visual development tool.
  • Simple – Prophecy includes everything needed to create and deploy any IVR or VoIP application, including full VoiceXML and CCXML browsers with high-quality speech recognition and synthesis engines, a built-in SIP soft-phone, and support for hundreds of SIP providers and devices. Prophecy works with any web development language or server including ASP, CGI, C#, Java, PERL, PHP, Python, and Ruby. Prophecy has a built-in web server that supports PHP and Java applications as well.
  • 100% Standards based – Prophecy includes the first (and only) VoiceXML browser to pass 100% of the mandatory andoptional VoiceXML compliance tests and includes the worlds most proven CCXML implementation
  • Inexpensive – Prophecy is free for two ports (two concurrent calls) and $249 (per port pricing) for four ports (four concurrent calls) for the purpose of testing and evaluation only. Pricing for production licences are different.

Download free Prophecy IVR Platform

Voxeo’s Prophecy IVR Hosting is a “Software as a Service” (Saas) version of the Prophecy IVR Platform. The hosted solution is available free to developers via Voxeo’s Evolution developer portal.

The hosted Evolution developer portal is the fastest and easiest way to start building XML-based IVR or VoIP applications.

Which includes?

  • Free access to our hosted XML IVR platforms
  • Support for inbound and outbound calls
  • Free direct-dial phone numbers or open SIP access
  • IVR prompt playback, audio recording, DTMF entry with VoiceXML or CallXML
  • Powerful VoiceXML voice recognition and text to speech
  • Advanced call routing, conferencing, and control with CCXML
  • Free Extreme Support for developers
  • Over 40 tutorials and sample applications
  • Voxeo Designer, our rapid application development tool
  • Extensive VoiceXML, CCXML, and CallXML references
  • Local static web hosting for your voice applications
  • Real time logging and debugging

 Sign up for free Hosted Evolution Developer Portal

Voxeo’s VoiceObjects technology provides enterprises and carriers with an open, flexible infrastructure for developing, deploying, managing, and analyzing Unified Self-Service phone portals.

The free VoiceObjects Developer Edition provides rapid creation, configuration, testing and deployment of VoiceXML, mobile Web, 2-Way-SMS and Instant Messaging self-service dialogs without an in-depth knowledge of core programming skills. Based on open industry standards, the Eclipse-based service creation environment (SCE) fits seamless into any IVR deployment architecture.

  • Eclipse-based, single environment to design, build, test, deploy and monitor dialogs
  • Patented drag and drop, object-based development IDE, no programming skills required
  • Built-in media resource management for audio, text-to-speech, video, speech recognition grammars, etc.
  • Built-in natural dialog management and dialog personalization strategies
  • Open IVR platform support for Aspect, Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Intervoice, Nortel and Voxeo
  • Built-in support for voice, video, text and mobile web applications
  • Built-in multi-user collaboration and multi-tenancy enablement
  • Built-in statistics capturing for application tuning, caller behavior analysis and business reporting

 Download VoiceObjects Developer Software

Voxeo PRISM is a scalable, high-performance Unified Communications Application Server for building and delivering converged web and telecom applications based on the latest IETF and Java open standards. The API-based server is the newest version of Voxeo’s proven SIPMethod platform, with features that make it even easier to add capabilities such as click-to-call, instant messaging, conferencing, and presence to applications.

Voxeo PRISM provides the foundation for massively distributed IP architectures, unified communications, and the most innovative telephony and web mashups. It is the rapid delivery of revenue-generating multimedia IP communication and collaboration services. Voxeo PRISM brings together call control and media control for voice, video, and IM.

Voxeo PRISM:

  • Supports SIP, XMPP (formerly Jabber), Jingle, HTTP, MRCP, MGCP, JSR-289, JSR-309
  • Includes Moho, Voxeo’s open source framework for unifying real-time communications under one API
  • Supports SIP/HTTP servlet and web services standards, J2EE architectures, and XMPP Servlets
  • Supports VoiceXML integration
  • Supports end-to-end development lifecycle with an integrated Eclipse-based IDE
  • Includes a robust, standards-based media server and clustering for high performance applications
  • Includes a robust SIP/HTTP Servlet and Web Services runtime engine designed for converged IP communication service providers.

 Download PRISM

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