Zeta Uploader – Free Online Service for Send Large Files via Email

Zeta Uploader is a free online service that enables you to send large files via email, even if the file exceeds the recipient’s attachment limitations. It lets you select the file(s) to be sent, and then uploads them as compressed package to the Zeta server and sends an email with the download link to the recipient. You even have the options to password protect the download and/or to set an expiration date. You can upload files with a maximum size of 500 MB. If you are a Business user, higher volumes are possible.

The free Windows client allows you to automatically send multiple files or folders ZIP-compressed with the Zeta Uploader service. The client is a simple Windows Shell extension the places a shortcut into the “Send To” folder.

Download Zeta Uploader Windows Client

[advt]It now also supports multiple file upload through the normal website. This is done without any Flash or Silverlight component with the standard HTML5 multiple file upload feature. You can use it if you are using Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Unfortunately, Microsoft Internet Explorer does not support this multiple file upload feature.

If you upload your files with the standard upload method, everyone that knows the download URL can also access the file. Since the URL is a randomly generated number, “guessing” the correct download URL is rather difficult/impossible. Therefore if you give the download URL for a file to selected persons only, it is very likely that only those persons download the file.

In addition, you can optionally specify a password to protect an uploaded file from unauthorized access. Before downloading such a protected file, the password must be entered correctly to actually download.

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