Find Friends and Flirt for Free with Twine in Android and iOS

Twine is a free app that matches users with other interesting people around. Twine is a gender balanced flirting network, which ensures that ratio of girls to guys is kept even in the app. Using Twine a user can flirt first and engage in conversation way before the users decides to reveal themselves.

Twine’s ‘intelligent matching algorithm‘ works in such a way that it picks the better matches and delivers the connections to users. Twine also provide users with some ‘ICE- Breakers‘ based on their mutual interests to get the conversation started.

[advt]Twine uses a queue system using which the app ensures an equal ratio of girls to guys. A user can enter Twine as more users of the opposite gender join. Also one can bypass the queue by inviting a friend of the opposite gender. Both can enter Twine once the friend accepts the request.

The basic and important features of Twine are free. However, Twine has plans to release some premium features in the future, which will enhance the basic Twine experience. A user can update his Facebook profile update in Twine by clicking the ‘Profile Update‘ button. Twine will automatically pull the new information from user’s account.

Also, a user can add interests in the ‘My Interests‘ section, under the ‘My Profile‘ section. Twine supports Android Ice Cream Sandwich, Android Jellybean, iOS 6 and above.

Download Twine for iOS from iTunes Store and for Android from Google Play Store.

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