Watch Indian Language Movies and TV Shows for Free at BoxTV

BoxTV is a Times BoxTV Media Pte venture, which is aimed at showing quality videos of movies and popular TV shows for free. Its a cross platform app currently available for Android, iOS, Amazon Kindle Fire and Amkette Evo TV. Sooner it will be available for Blackberry OS and Windows.

BoxTV offers free movies and shows, along with paid ones. For watching the movies or shows, one has to register or subscribe with Box TV. Box TV had categorized its menu into Home, Genre, Shows, Just Added, Popular, For You, Free Movies and Apps.

The BoxTV features contents from English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam and Marathi languages. The Home page features Free Movies, Popular ones and Recently Watched movies from which the users can select the movie/show of their choice.

The users can search based on three categories viz, Movie, Genre and Actor. The Genre means the category to which the shows/movies belonged to. The main Genres are Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Family, Short Film and More.

The shows featured in BoxTV are the TV shows and can be sorted on the basis of Popular, Recent and names starting from A-Z. The Just Added and Popular sections has six sections, namely All, Movies, Scenes, Sequences and Episodes. For free ones, user have to check the check box named Free.

[advt]The For You category is a customizable one. The users can sign in and get recommendations for Movies and TV Shows of their favorite actors, genres, language and more. Also they can sign in or subscribe to BoxTV and watch the same on TV, Mobile and Computer.

The Free Movies category features only movies that are labelled free and has four sections namely All, Movies, Scenes and Sequences.

The list of Available Devices are listed here. At present, the BoxTV is available at Google Play Store, iTunes Store and Kindle Fire. Users can click here to register or click here to subscribe.

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