Download Google Web Fonts to your Desktop using SkyFonts

SkyFonts is a lightweight utility that allows users to install desktop fonts effortlessly and sync them on up to five devices. With SkyFonts, the Google web fonts can by synced to user’s Desktop.

Using SkyFonts, a user can forget about installing multiple font files from time to time. SkyFonts is designed to take care of that automatically and it will work on the background so that the user can focus on his designs instead of worrying about font management.

[advt]Google Fonts is a host of open source fonts which are being used on the web with hundreds of font families available for inclusion in web pages or download. Now SkyFonts had teamed up with Google to offer desktop versions of Google Fonts free of charge.

SkyFonts will automatically update a font on user’s device each time a font is updated. This will benefit the user in such a way that all updates of the installed Google Fonts are automatically updated in user’s devices to assure that the user will always have up to date versions of all installed fonts.

For downloading Google Fonts to your desktop via SkyFonts, visit here.

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