How To Report Abusive Photos, Contents and Timelines on Facebook?

Internet and Social Media have the capability to spread a news about almost anything among a large pool of readers and this potential has been used by many for years. Since Facebook is a leading Social Media, it also serves similar purpose.

Like every other Social Media platforms, Facebook too face difficulties in filtering the posts made into it. It has a good mechanism to remove such contents which may violate Facebook’s terms or hurts feelings of a specific person/ ethnicity/ religion/ country.

To reduce the number of such issues Facebook uses “Report” option. Whenever a user Reports an item, the Facebook review team reviews the report and takes sufficient action. The reports can be made to contents on Timelines, Ads, Events, Groups, Messages, Pages, Photos & Videos, Posts, Posts on a user’s Timeline and Questions.

A ‘Gear Menu‘ is a shortcut for reporting an item on the Facebook. An ‘Arrow Menu‘ serves the same purpose, using which also a user can report the contents in a post.

How to report abusive/sensitive contents posted on Timelines?
Click the Gear Menu in the top right side of the timeline that shall be reported. Then choose the Report/Block option to report the account to Facebook.

How to report annoying contents in Ads?
Hover over the ad and click the ‘X’ to the right of the ad. Then choose ‘Hide this ad‘ to report a specific ad or ‘Hide all from…‘ to hide all ads from the particular advertiser.

How to report uninterested Events?
Click on the event and on the left side of the page, click Report beneath the list of invited people. For reporting the Groups, go to the group and click at the top right corner. Then pick ‘Report Group‘ from the Dropdown menu.

[advt]How to report Messages with spammy/annoying contents?
Open the message, then click Actions at the top-right corner of the message and then click Report Spam or Abuse. To report Pages, go to the Page, click the dropdown menu under the Page’s cover and select Report Page.

How to report abusive Photos & Videos?
Click on the Photo/Video to expand it, then click Options at the bottom and click Report to report the particular Photo/Video. To report Posts, either find the ‘X‘ or the ‘Arrow Menu‘ in the right corner using the mouse and then click ‘Report Post or Spam‘.

How to report the posts on a user’s Timeline?
Find the ‘Pencil’ icon in the top right corner of the post, then click Report/Mark as Spam and choose the Report link to report to Facebook.

How to report contents in Questions?
Click on the title of the question. Then click the Report link under Asked By. For reporting a Reply to a question, hover over the post and click the ‘X‘ to report it.

If a user want to report something which he can’t see, then the best way to report abuse, he can use this Facebook link to file a report.

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