TringMe – Web Based Telephony Service

TringMe offers web based telephony service. TringMe integrates most commonly used voice communication devices like Phones, Instant Messengers, Browser, Mobile devices, SIP and VoIP phones and essentially enables you to call one from other.

TringMe’s mobile client enables you to make cheap or free worldwide calls. You can also send worldwide SMS for very low rates. If you are making a call and the call is received on a device that isn’t a phone registered over a carrier’s network, it is free.

TringMe offers various products such as

  • TringPhone – Fully web-based SIP phone accessible from the browser
  • Push-N-Talk – Wwidget for webpages.
  • GoogleTalk Telephony – Use Google Talk to make and receive calls.
  • MobileVoIP – Uses data networks (WiFi, 2.5G/3G, GPRS) to make and receive calls, send and receive messages.
  • SMS Based Telephony – Enable VoIP on a cheap low-end mobile phone capable of sending SMS.
  • Click2Call Telephony – Use the web to activate a call but use your phone to actually carry out the conversation.
  • Voicemail – Leave voicemail easily throughout the world. Retrieve them via the web or get notified by email.


TringPhone is a fully web-based SIP phone enabling you to make calls from the browser. You can call a TringPhone user with their email address or phone number. You can access the TringPhone application from any flash-enabled Browser.

TringMe provides Push-N-Talk Widgets which can be integrated with any website. Anyone clicking on the Widget can leave a voicemail or talk to you directly. If you are using TringMe voicemail widget and you have routed the voicemails to a phone (landline or cell), you will receive a call from TringMe as soon as someone leaves a voicemail for you. If you have configured the profile setting to send the voicemails to Gtalk, then a call from TringMe will be made to your Gtalk IM. You will also get an e-mail notification of your voicemails. You voicemails will also be available on TringMe website for playing back.

Using the IM Telephony – Gtalk, You can make and receive calls, voicemails, and send SMS.

TringMe’s MobileVoIP client uses the data networks such as WiFi, 2.5G/3G, GPRS cellular data networks to make and receive calls. Download the client, login with the same TringMe credentials, select a network and start using MobileVoIP.

SMS Based Telephony from TringMe provides ability to make worldwide (VoIP) calls using SMS. You can even schedule calls to be initiated at a later time.

Click2Call Telephony is a simple way to activate the call from web but use a phone to carry out the conversation. In Click2Call, you use the web to activate a call by specifying the source and destination number. The system then calls you back on the number you specified and connects you to the destination party. The call in this case is happening over a phone and not a PC.

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