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Get Disposable Email Address Using 33mail Service

33Mail is allowing users to have their own personal disposable email address service. Sign up and pick a username, Now, any email address ending with that particular username will be forwarded to you. To block a particular email address use Tribble, It starts sending you emails […]

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Google Voice – About, Benefits, Cost, Savings

Google Voice is a unified voice communications service for consumers and solves the problem of having multiple contact points. Google Voice lets you switch wireless carriers without sacrificing your phone numbers and keep the same Google Phone Number as your mobile identity. Google Voice has a ‘follow-me’ service that unifies both wireless and wireline communications. Google Voice provides one number for voice calls. Google Voice also serves as a hub for SMS as it lets users send text messages from any of their devices or even from their computer. […]

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TringMe – Web Based Telephony Service

TringMe offers web based telephony service. TringMe integrates most commonly used voice communication devices like Phones, Instant Messengers, Browser, Mobile devices, SIP and VoIP phones and essentially enables you to call one from other. TringMe’s […]