slotMusic – microSD as an Alternative to Audio CDs for Mobile Phones

Last week SanDisk launched slotMusic – audio tracks on a tiny microSD card and which will be sold, preloaded, at retail. slotMusic is claimed to be a versatile new physical music format for the 21st Century.

microSD is a format for removable flash memory cards used mainly in mobile telephones, and also in handheld GPS devices, portable media players, digital audio players and expandable USB flash memory drives. It is the smallest memory card available presently. Now microSD cards are available in capacities from 64 MB to 16 GB.

Most of the new generation mobile phones have the microSD slots, but less used. SanDisk’s slotMusic includes DRM-free MP3 tracks. A consumer can buy a microSD card, pop it into the phone, and immediately start listening. you don’t need any computer to download the MP3 or rip the CD and load it to the phone.

The DRM-free MP3 tracks are typically encoded at 320kbps, providing the users with high fidelity music. Most slotMusic cards will be 1GB in capacity.

Buyers can simply back up the music to their hard drives at any time. Each slotMusic card includes a tiny USB adapter to use with a computer. Users can overwrite a card later with any other data too. [source: sandisk]

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