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Group Chat Using VOIP – Download TeamSpeak

TeamSpeak is a VoIP tool that allows many users to chat over the internet: team-mates playing their favorites games, businesses holding conferences, or just friends and family catching up with the latest news – it could be used by anyone. You may need to spend some time settings. […]

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Jaxtr – Global Calling, SMS, and Social Networking

Jaxtr is a social communications company that melds together global calling, SMS, and social networking. jaxtr uses Voice over Internet Protocol to offer competitive rates as well as free international and long distance calling. Some key differentiators for jaxtr in its market […]

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TringMe BlackBerry Mobile VoIP – Questions and Answers

ringMe allows you to make cheap worldwide calls, send SMS and do single click conferencing from your BlackBerry phone. Whenever you dial an international number, you will be prompted if you want to make the call with TringMe. If you chose TringMe, TringMe will route your calls over the Internet. TringMe offers most competitive rates in the Industry. […]