Translate / Convert English to Konkani Using Android Device

Are you in Goa and struggling to talk to the natives there in their own language Konkani? Do you want to convert English to Konkani using you Android device? Yes….this android app can help you to do this. English-Konkani Translator android app is a Handy tool for your visit to Goa or any Konkani speaking region in western India.

Carry this lightweight utility in your phone to help you communicate better in Konkani. This handy app converts a single word from English to Konkani and back.

It uses the dictionary services provided by the konkani word database. For easier understanding of pronunciation, it also uses ITRANS to display the Konkani meaning in Devanagari.

The Konkani Dictionary project has over 10,000 words and is regularly updated by volunteers. It is a one-of-its kind project to document the Konkani Language formally.

Download English – Konkani Translator Android App


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