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SpeechTrans is the world’s most advanced speech-to-speech translator. By incorporating the latest in Speech-to-Speech (S2S) translation software, Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Language Translation, and Text-to-Speech (TTS), SpeechTrans enables the user to have a coherent conversation with someone who speaks a foreign language without the need for an interpreter.

Download SpeechTrans for iPhone

Download SpeechTrans for Android

SpeechTrans that can turn speech from one language into voice output for another. The app also supports two-way speech communications for English, UK English, Spanish, French, Japanese, German, and Mandarin Chinese. Also supported is speech-to-speech translation for users that are talking over Facebook what interface in near real-time.


  • Facebook Chat with Speech Input and Voice Translation Output
  • 400 transcription preloaded, more available via in-app purchase
  • Speech recognition in English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, Mandarin Chinese and German
  • Free unlimited Text to Speech translations
  • Male and Female voices available for English, Spanish, French, Italian, German Portuguese, Russian and Polish. Female only voices for Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and Korean.
  • Ability to Cut and paste text from other APPS for it to be read aloud and translated
  • Translation is saved automatically in your Translation history
  • Email translated Text or Audio file
  • 55 second Voice recording time
  • Free Lifetime Updates to new languages

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