Get Multi-Language Dictionary and Translation Services on Android Device

Multi Lang Dictionary LogoMulti Lang Dictionary/Translator is an android app that gives multiple results with accuracy and speed, which is powered by Google Dictionary, Google Translate and Wiktionary as online resources. There is an offline dictionary reader unlocked by the Pro Key for unlimited dictionaries anywhere.

Download Multi Lang Dictionary/Translator for Android

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  • 45 languages, more than 1900 language pairs for Google Translate alone. e.g. English – French, Spanish – German, Russian – Chinese
  • 20 additional languages from Wiktionary
  • 45 Offline Dictionaries (MLD Pro)
  • All in one translator and dictionary
  • State of the art interface
  • History with remove
  • [advt]Language Swap
  • Text To Speech (TTS)
  • Select Text
  • Full Screen Mode
  • apps2sd (Froyo 2.2+)
  • Word of the Day from Wiktionary
  • Fuzzy Search

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