BSNL Voice and Video Telephony over Internet (VVoIP) Launched

BSNL LogoNow any BSNL customer can make audio and video calls at will on any landline, mobile or Internet Protocol phone anywhere in the world, provided that both the ends have requisite video phone equipment. BSNL along with Information and Communication Technologies provider Sai Infosystem launched their voice and video telephony over Internet protocol to its customers.

The Voice and Video Over Internet Protocol service will cost 40 paise per minute for audio calls and Rs 2 per minute for video calls within the country.

International calls charges using VVOIP service are very affordable like a call to US will cost Rs 1.20 p per minute to UK it will cost Rs 1.20 paise on landline Rs 7.20 paise to mobile and Rs 1.20 paise per minute to China. Monthly charges for VVOIP will be Rs. 150 only

[advt]The services will be start from Ahmadabad and later on in will be made available to Gujarat by the end of this month, then to Maharashtra and Chattisgarh likewise.

BSNL chairman-cum-managing director RK Upadhyay said:

“To start with, video communication is highly affordable compared to conventional video conferencing services. We are also making special arrangements with leading international carriers to ensure that consumers always reach their international destinations easily and at most affordable rates”.

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