PC to PC Video Conferencing Software – Download Vphonet

Vphonet is a free software which uses VOIP technology to make video conferences and voice calls over the internet. Vphonet enables you to make free voice, send sms, Instant messaging and files over a broadband connection to other Vphonet users. It consists of features like Sms messaging, video conferencing, video messaging etc.

Vphonet works with wireless broadband and Dsl. You can also make calls using your handset when it is plugged in your PC. You also have access to phone to phone service by which you can easily make international calls at very cheap rate.

Download Vphonet


  • Virtual Number: Receive calls from regular phones to Vphonet or direct to your phone.
  • Phone 2 Phone: Use your regular phone to call abroad, paying for international call as local call.
  • SMS Messages: SMS message can be sent to mobile phones around the worldwide from Vphonet.
  • Answering machine: With Vphonet you will never miss a call. Get online/offline answering machine.
  • Free transferring of files between its users.

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