Jaxtr – Global Calling, SMS, and Social Networking

Jaxtr is a social communications company that melds together global calling, SMS, and social networking. jaxtr uses Voice over Internet Protocol to offer competitive rates as well as free international and long distance calling.

Some key differentiators for jaxtr in its market include allowing phone-to-phone calls to and from any mobile and landline phones, offering social networking focused on voice (café jaxtr), requiring no software downloads or access pins, and giving users local Direct Inward Dialing (DID) phone numbers. Offered in 56 countries, these numbers allow users in those countries to dial a local phone number which would ring a long distance or international destination phone. Jaxtr also offers users a set number of global SMS messages each month.

[advt]In an effort to improve the jaxtr service, it recently made an important change to how jaxtr numbers work: All local jaxtr numbers have been converted into Jaxtr On-The-Go access numbers.

The main benefits of this change to you are:

  • Only one number to remember: The same jaxtr number now allows you to call anyone you wish. It is no longer necessary to return to the jaxtr website each time you want to call someone new.
  • Easy global access: If you are traveling out of your local region, simply use the local jaxtr access number for where you are traveling to in order to place your call. You no longer have to create new jaxtr number assignments for all your contacts. See the list of the jaxtr access numbers worldwide here.
  • Unlimited contacts: You are no longer limited by the number of local jaxtr numbers available in your region. A single number allows you to call an unlimited number of friends for free or at our super low rates.

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