VoicePHP – Create Voice Interactive PHP Web Applications

VoicePHP is the same old PHP which is enabled to create voice applications. VoicePHP is powered by TringMe’s platform.

TringMe provides Voice 2.0 platform and products which enables the web to be voice-interactive. Their platform integrates voice and telephony across Internet, Mobile Devices, SIP Devices etc. Their platform supports carrier grade infrastructure which integrates call-control, call-signaling, messaging, billing etc which sets the stage for VoicePHP very well.

VoicePHP is not an extension to PHP; infact it’s the same PHP which now outputs voice instead of text and also takes input as voice instead of text. In technical terms, it’s PHP whose standard text based input & output (stdio, stdout in programmer’s term) are replaced by voice equivalent.

Developers can freely use available tools for developing, debugging PHP can be continued to use with VoicePHP.

VoicePHP takes away the complexity of learning new tools, language and lets one leverage the power of PHP to intuitively provide voice interactivity.

VoicePHP platform can be easily integrated with any existing telephony back-end. Enterprises can leverage existing investments and yet rapidly expose new functionality.

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