TringMe BlackBerry Mobile VoIP – Questions and Answers

What is TringMe for BlackBerry?

TringMe allows you to make cheap worldwide calls, send SMS and do single click conferencing from your BlackBerry phone.

Whenever you dial an international number, you will be prompted if you want to make the call with TringMe. If you chose TringMe, TringMe will route your calls over the Internet. TringMe offers most competitive rates in the Industry.

What is your revolutionary ‘direct Call over WiFi’?

Unlike any other VoIP application on Blackberry which routes your call over your mobile operator, TringMe’s ‘direct Call over WiFi’ allows to call directly over WiFi saving you from expensive mobile minutes. TringMe is the first application in the world to make this possible on Blackberry.

Can I still use it even I do not have WiFi?

Yes, absolutely! TringMe will route your call using either a local access number in your country. If local access number is not available for your country, TringMe will call you back and connect you to your destination.

Do I need Internet browsing plan (BIS) to use TringMe?

Absolutely not, this is another unique feature of TringMe and unlike other applications, TringMe does not require BIS plan for most of it’s functionalities. It will use your email plan in case of BIS is not available.

How do I conference with TringMe?

Easy, just select all the contacts to be invited for conference and click on the call button. All the selected contacts will be conferenced then.

Can I make free calls to another TringMe user?

Absolutely, if both of you over WiFi and online, you can talk free over WiFi.

Can I use my phone number as the callerID when calling via TringMe?

Yes, just verify your number with us and TringMe will use your existing number as the CallerId. Verification is quick, go to options and click on “Change CallerID”

Wow! This is fantastic. However, What if I need to disable this application for some reason?

Just exit the application. Thereafter no calls or SMS will be intercepted thereby disabling the application functionality.

Can I use my own SIP provider with BlackBerry?

Yes, you can do so very well. Configure SIP Settings. All SIP calls are free for first 1 min.

What are the charges if I use callback?

In case of Callback, since the system has to schedule 2 call-legs (one call-leg is from the system to you and the other call-leg is from system to the destination party), both the call-legs are charged.

It’s been a day since I paid and I still don’t see the credits. What can I do?

If you have paid by PayPal, then please ensure that the verification email sent to your PayPal email address hasn’t been filtered to your SPAM folder.

If you haven’t yet followed the steps to verify the transaction, please do so now and credits will appear thereafter.

If the issue still persists, send us an email at [email protected].

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