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Download Opera 11.5 Browser for Indian Languages

Opera 11.5 is available for download as an international build, or as a localized version. Opera 11.5 support 55 lanuguages, including 5 Indian languages – Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu. Additional languages may be installed by downloading appropriate language file. […]

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Mobile Apps – Free Web-based Group Chat Tool in Multiple Languages is a simple, free group chat tool that lets you communicate in one language or multiple languages. Babel With Me automatically translates your conversation as you type enabling you to communicate with anyone, anywhere in up to 45 languages. You may enjoy real-time conversations without language barriers – automatically translates each message as you type. […]

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Facts About Indian Languages

While reading about IDN Implementation in India, I came across this interesting facts about India, thought of sharing with readers. While China has 1.6 billion Chinese language speakers, with two scripts and shared characters […]