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Today the Google Indic Team announced the launch of an API for transliteration. The API allows you to easily add transliteration functionality to text fields on your web sites.

The first thing I did is to write a plugin for allowing transliteration in WordPress posts and pages. So I did the Google Indic Transliteration WordPress Plugin. This is just the simple version. You can select the language from the Post/Page admin screen and type in the Indic language in all possible text boxes and text areas.

The plugin works only in the HTML edit mode. I am looking into enabling it for the Visual Editor too.

I hope to work on adding more functionality to make it a comprehensive WordPress plugin for Indic language (Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu) users.

You may download the plugin and let me know your comments.


I have added the following items in my task list:


  • Enable in the Visual (tinymce) editor
  • Selectively enable in Links page
  • Confirm to WordPress plugin standards and implement auto-upgrade feature
  • Provide better UI for language on-screen selection and language indication
  • Provide better error handling
  • Provide Settings page to select the languages and set the default language for Admin
  • Enable in Comment Form and Search box
  • Select the default language automatically using Google’s automatic language detection
  • Indicate the current language as watermark background of text boxes and text areas

Do you have another item to add to the list? Let me know.

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