Scrap Your Orkut Friends in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kananda & Hindi

Google now offers Indic Transliteration service on Orkut too. Scraps for your friends can now be typed in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kananda and Hindi. That’s cool!

Using this option provided in scrapbook, you can convert Roman characters that you type in to the corresponding Indic characters in Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Hindi. You just type the Indic word phonetically in English script and have them automatically transliterated by Google and appear in their correct alphabet. No need to learn any keyboard mapping for the Indic language. So simple that everyone will love it!


Transliteration is now enabled by default for all users from India. It is also enabled if you have mentioned India as your country in your profile. It can also be enabled by listing any of Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam in the languages i speak section.
More at Orkut help.

A new feature I would like to have in Orkut transliteration is, the use being able set his preferred Indic language in the drop down. For example, I am a Malayalam user. On pressing CTRL+G, I should be able start typing in Malayalam, rather than clicking on the checkbox to enable the dropdown and then select Malayalam down there from the list. Keep it simple.

I am waiting for Google to provide me an option for incorporating Google Indic to other websites as well. A JavaScript API would be better with minimal coding, I guess. For example, I am planning for a completely Malayalam website (of course, except the URL!) and want to enable users to type in Malayalam using Google Indic transliteration. I am waiting for Google to officially provide me the JavaScript which I can include in the site and associate the form elements like textboxes and textareas with the Google Indic API.

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