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Play Monster Dash Game in Google Chrome Browser

Monster Dash action game which was previously run only on iOS now can be playable in Google’s Chrome web browser too. You can install this free game as a chrome web app and play it directly from Chrome web browser. It is developed by the creators of the legendary game Fruit Ninja. […]

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How to Play Games in Google+ – Tips

Now Google+ users can play games without moving to another webpage. Google has added highly popular games like Angry Birds, Sudoku, Zynga Poker etc. to its social networking site Google+. Click the Games icon at the top of Google+ to visit the Games page, and start gaming. […]

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Free Software

Typhoon 2001 Free Games – Download

Typhoon 2001 is a freeware game inspired by both the Atari Jaguar hit game Tempest 2000 and the arcade hit Tempest. It takes ideas and concepts from both games, but rearranges and changes them. A few new ideas have been implemented as well. There are two new game modes and a CLASSIC mode. […]