Typhoon 2001 Free Games – Download

Typhoon 2001 is a freeware game inspired by both the Atari Jaguar hit game Tempest 2000 and the arcade hit Tempest. It takes ideas and concepts from both games, but rearranges and changes them. A few new ideas have been implemented as well.

It is similar to T2k, but its main difference is:

  • There are two new game modes and a CLASSIC mode that tries to be like T2K in most aspects
  • In all game modes except CLASSIC the powerups can be picked up while jumping
  • You need six warp tokens to enter a bonus round instead of three
  • Some enemies behave and look different



  • Incredible graphics
  • Awesome sound
  • 100 Levels
  • 7 different enemies
  • Slowly rising difficulty level
  • Starting level freely selectable
  • Controlled by keyboard, mouse or gamepad
  • Built in leveleditor
  • Uses OpenGL and Allegro

Download Typhoon 2001

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