ibibo Farms Game – Indian Version of Facebook FarmVille

ibibo farms is a social game that ibibo has launched to compete with Facebook’s Farmville. In ibibo Farms, each user manages and owns a piece of land, grows crops, harvests crops and earns virtual money. Players aspire for the top leader board position within their online social graph.

410,000 pieces of fruit and vegetables are harvested every day, daily 80,000 eggs are produced and about 38,000 buckets of milk our produced on the ibibo Farm game. Players can steal crops from their friends’ farms. That is the fun part of the game. Around 82000 fruit and vegetables are stolen everyday from friends’ farms on the ibibo Farm game.

ibibo Farms Mobile provides mobile access to the games. too. Visit the ibibo Mobile portal and enter your phone number to receive a direct link to play the games. ibibo Farms is available as a mobile app at getjar.com as well.



  • Grow your crops: You can buy seeds from the local store, sow and maintain your farm regularly.
  • Harvest & Sell: Once your crop is grown, harvest it and sell it to earn money.
  • Steal from friends: Steal crops from your friends farms plant weeds and worms on their farm.
  • Decorate your farm: You can decorate your farm by additional accessories, this also earns you extra points.
  • Buying a dog that guards the farm and saves your crops from being stolen.
  • A hen that lays egg if you feed it and you can sell the eggs to earn more and likewise a cow for milk. [source]

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