TECK.IN – 3 Years of Existence and Service

Today (15 July 2008), TECK.IN completes three years of existence in the blogosphere. Thanks to all for your continued readership and support.

How TECK.IN Evolved

The blog was started as Sree’s Tech Notes in blogger.com with custom FTP publishing to www.ananthapuri.com/blog. The blog was used as a notepad for sharing the latest technology news with my friends and colleagues and also to avoid repetition in answering questions from them. Later, the readership increased and now most of the readers and school and college students, and techies.

In July 2007, I registered a new name TECK.IN and migrated the blog contents over to the new domain. By end of January 2008, TECK.IN migrated to WordPress blogging software following these steps for migration. I developed the sky blue theme for the blog.


TECK.IN currently have 455 posts, more than 9000 RSS/Email subscribers, 70,000 unique visitors per month and 120,000 page views per month. Google analytics indicates that 70% of visitors are from search engines, 22% referrals and 7% direct traffic. 67% of visitors use Internet Explorer, 27% use Firefox, 4.5% use Opera and 1% use Safari browser. 12% visitors have screen resolution of 800×600 and the rest is 1024×800 or above.

Going Forward

In the 4th year, I plan to expand TECK.IN by having more contributors, Jayasankar is already in the team. We are planning to have more guest posts.

I have no other great promises or promotional gimmicks to give you. We will always be here and will continue contributing to the blogosphere; you will have enough to read at TECK.IN on a daily basis. 🙂 Keep subscribed to our feed or email and visit the site at teck.in and leave your comments.

Thank You!

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