Tech Notes Now Has a New Home at

Dear Readers and Subscribers,

Sree’s Tech Notes now has a new home You might have noticed this change in the last few days. I prefer not to use the WWW part, which is redundant in almost all domains.

I have opted for this new domain because:

  • Teck sounds like Tech, which is a meaningful domain to host my Tech Notes.,, etc. are already taken. I guess can be considered as a web 2.0 name!
  • is short and simple.
  • I love the .IN Top Level Domain for India and wanted to have one.
  • I wish not to use the WWW. part of the blog. Simply using seems good and meaningful to me.
  • The old location is too lengthy to remember.
  • is mainly a regional portal. It does not suite for a Technical blog. It was fine during the initial phases of blogging. Now Sree’s Tech Notes is 2 years old and it is time for an upgrade!

Since I have been using Feedburner feed, there is no change required for the subscribers. I also have a new feed URL, redirected to the Feedburner feed.

I am planning to write in detail the steps I followed for the blog migration. Coming soon!

Next step is to design a good logo for Oh yes, I am very poor with PhotoShop and similar software. Anyone to help me out? Will be rewarded!


  1. Thanks swami and prajit.

    swami, you are absolutely right. working on it, especially the homepage. The current page was evolved as and when new services are added. Its time to redesign. Hoping for a new release in 2 months.

  2. Hello Sree
    Nice to see your new domain name.. Short,simple and beautiful…
    Keep it up…


  3. Hello Sree,

    Very interesting blog but I was very disappointed at how looks both with respect to usability and looks :(. Any plan on re-working that site?


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