Tech Notes Now Has a New Home at

Dear Readers and Subscribers,

Sree’s Tech Notes now has a new home You might have noticed this change in the last few days. I prefer not to use the WWW part, which is redundant in almost all domains.

I have opted for this new domain because:

  • Teck sounds like Tech, which is a meaningful domain to host my Tech Notes.,, etc. are already taken. I guess can be considered as a web 2.0 name!
  • is short and simple.
  • I love the .IN Top Level Domain for India and wanted to have one.
  • I wish not to use the WWW. part of the blog. Simply using seems good and meaningful to me.
  • The old location is too lengthy to remember.
  • is mainly a regional portal. It does not suite for a Technical blog. It was fine during the initial phases of blogging. Now Sree’s Tech Notes is 2 years old and it is time for an upgrade!

Since I have been using Feedburner feed, there is no change required for the subscribers. I also have a new feed URL, redirected to the Feedburner feed.

I am planning to write in detail the steps I followed for the blog migration. Coming soon!

Next step is to design a good logo for Oh yes, I am very poor with PhotoShop and similar software. Anyone to help me out? Will be rewarded!

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