TECK.IN Moved to WordPress

For the last 2 weeks, my old hosting company was facing virus attacks in their servers and FTP access was shut. Also, they have not enabled OpenSSL in the PHP, which means Blogger import into WordPress do not work.

Finally I decide to move over to powwweb.com hosting and migrate to WordPress. I have been long wanting to move to WordPress from the Blogger FTP hosting, but got lazy. I coded a simple WP theme, imported Blogger posts and comments, made other urgent changes, etc. These activities look more than a week along with my regular work. I had to wet my hands with PHP. Oh yes, I enjoyed doing it! 🙂

Along with the migration, I added a Discussion Forum powered by BBPress into the WordPress. I still have more work in alignment and style sheet for the forum.


Listed below are some points kept in mind while designing the theme.

  • Very simple theme
  • Readability – not cluttered
  • I like blue – sky blue – silver color theme design
  • Better advertising with Google AdSense
  • Should be easy to add 125×125 box or similar sponsored ads
  • Use maximum width – I use 950px. Still the blog content should be readable from 640px screens
  • The design should be more of HTML/text driven. Should not look worse when images are suppressed

Still I have more work to do:

  • BBForum styling
  • Ensuring participation in the forum
  • “Advertise” page with statistics and other details
  • Look for Sponsored ads and reserve space for it in the Sidebar
  • Reassign the Blogger labels to WP categories
  • Apply Tags to old posts – to be done at leisure time
  • Add Feed Advertisements & maximize revenue
  • Add a hierarchical menu on the top menubar for the Categories
  • Add Tag Could on the menubar and show the tag cloud on mouseover
  • Rearrange and work on the  sidebar -archives, most viewed, categor, labels, etc
  • Add Latest Forum posts to the sidebar and promote the forum in RSS and emails.
  • Use Plugins for better login panel, user email notification, etc.
  • Add login/register link in side bar for promoting user loing
  • etc..!

Yeah, many items in the To-Do list!  I will have to make sure that, this list will not remain as a wish list, instead I have to tick the items one by one after doing it!

Now onwards, TECK.IN will be having a few guest authors too, writing on topics like IT/Project Management, Linux/Ubuntu tips,Technology fun etc. We will make sure that you learn something and have fun too!

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