Customizing Blogger Title for Search Engine Optimization

Have you noticed that the title of blogger posts displays the blog name first followed by the post title? For better search engine optimization, I want to display the post title first followed by the blog title, because the blog title, which is part of most of the pages is irrelevant in the search context.

Most of my readers come primarily from Google, so having proper title tag is very important for blog! After all, what is the point in having a blog if it is not shared with as many as people as possible!

To achieve this, add the following in your blog template in place of the existing <title> tag.

<MainOrArchivePage> <title><$BlogPageTitle$></title> </MainOrArchivePage>
<ItemPage> <Blogger> <title><$BlogItemTitle$> – <$BlogTitle$></title> </Blogger> </ItemPage>

The first line of the above template code is conditionally executed for main or archive page and the second line is for post page.

Title of this post page is Customizing Blogger Title for Search Engine Optimization: Sree’s Tech Notes

Title of the blog home page is Sree’s Tech Notes

Title of October 2005 archive page is Sree’s Tech Notes: October 2005

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