Why Do Most Websites Choose Blue or Sky Blue Themes?

My friend Abhishek of gtricks.com asked me why did I choose sky blue header for this blog teck.in. Look at Gmail and similar Google products, Orkut, Facebook, Hotmail, Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Blogger, Answers, etc., have blue or sky blue or its variant colors in header or boxes or background theme. Why?

For me personally, blue sky stands for clarity, hope, purity and peace. Sky blue is easy on eyes, not aggressive.

Researchers say that blue represents calm, tranquility, saneness, stability, wisdom, purity and generosity. People inherently trust blue websites faster. Blue lets people think of sea or sky and so the calmness, hope and trust.


Studies reveal that many websites tent to choose blue as the background color for homepage of a company. Using blue color for homepage can let visitors feel comfortable then trust the company easily.

Hey, BTW, what does those Microsoft Windows favorite blue screens mean? Does that blue also stand for coolness, clarity, purity and stability? laughing

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