SocialToo – Companion to the Social Web like Twitter and Facebook

SocialToo is your companion to the social Web. It can help you become a social power user, by complementing your social experience, giving you all the tools you need to harness the potential of your network. It wants to help make the social networks you belong to an easier place to build relationships, not just followers, and for that reason.

SocialToo helps you automate your Social Media workflow with automatic services such as:

  • Automatically follow those that follow you on Twitter
  • Automatically un follow spammers on Twitter based on various criteria

With SocialToo you can track your new Twitter followers as well as those who stopped following you. We send you a daily e-mail digest that lets you track the following:

  • [advt]New followers and lost followers
  • Tweets you posted around the time of the new or lost relationship
  • Specific information about each person
  • Ability to stop following or follow straight from the e-mail

SocialToo allows you to filter your stream and get rid of malicious followers. Currently, SocialToo provides:

  • Replace the DM e-mails you get from Twitter with much more useful e-mails that give more information about each user (soon to become a paid service)
  • Respond to DM e-mails by just replying to the e-mail
  • Filter out malicious DMs that contain phishing scams
  • Create your own DM filters to kill those Mafia and other annoying DMs



  • Auto Follow – SocialToo can help you to automatically follow those Twitter accounts that follow you, within 24 hours.
  • Follower Synchronization – If you have been using Twitter for a while and just joined SocialToo, you can catch up your followers for a one-time fee of only $5, and your list will be in sync.
  • Block Automatic DMs From Other Services – Getting annoyed by all the automatic DMs generated by other services. Block them by just the check of a box.
  • Social Surveys – SocialToo offers a robust set of online survey tools, where you can create and send polls to Twitter and other social networks, customizing the message.


  • Social Surveys – You can also send your online surveys to Facebook or FriendFeed, in addition to or instead of your Twitter account. You can post the survey to your Facebook profile or send it to specific friends.
  • Short Profile URLs – It can give you a unique URL to give friends so they can easily find your Facebook page. “” automatically redirects to your Facebook profile, so nobody has to remember your account number.


  • Nightly Updates – It can send you e-mails every 24 hours with a list of people who started following you on Twitter, as well as those who unfollowed you in the last day. It will also include the last tweet you made prior to their leaving, to help you continue to improve your social experience. This can result in strengthened relationships and a stronger connection with you and your followers.
  • Forward Your Twitter E-mails to Us – By just forwarding the e-mails you get from Twitter stating you have a new follow to [email protected], if you have an account with us and have given us your Twitter username and password it will follow those individuals, instantaneously Or, just sign up, enable auto-follow in your admin panel and we’ll follow your new followers a little bit later



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