Path – Webapp that Share Your Information with Friends

Path is webapp that allows users to share all the intimate information with an exclusive list of friends–or just with yourself if you choose to do so. It including details you wouldn’t post on Facebook, like when you’re sleeping and when you’ve woken up. Path should help you authentically express yourself and share your personal life with loved ones. It should provide you with a quality network, superior experience, and the fastest performance.

It available on iPhone and Android–users, can now share a host of new information, including thoughts, music, location and even sleeping habits. Users can still only pick 150 people, with whom they want to share their path, keeping to the company’s novel way of encouraging sharing within a hyper-private environment.

Path doesn’t allow friends to post on another friend’s path. There is still the option of sharing your information more publicly because Path allows you to automatically post your updates to Facebook, Foursquare or Twitter.

How it works?

[advt]Before you go to bed, you tell the app to go to sleep, letting your closest friends and family known you’re out for the night. The app will stop sending you notifications while you get your much-needed shut-eye. Then, when you’ve woken up and turned the app back on, it will post how long you’ve slept for.  It will even give you witty rejoinders when you return, like “early to bed, early to rise” or “serious pillow time.”

The makeover also comes with a slick new design that features a one page scrolling view of a user’s path with a large cover photo and a smaller profile picture.


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