Xtranormal Movie Maker – Free Online Animation Creating Tool

Xtranormal Movie Maker is a free online animation creating tool that allows the user to create a fully animated CG movie using the tools and options that it provides. Xtranormal Moviemaker service works in combination with Google. The user has to create a Google account for himself and log into that account to start using the service.

How to Use Xtranormal Movie Maker:

Once logged in, the user can create personalized animations with this free online animation creator using the actors and movie sets that are available.  A simple step by step process of creating a sample CG animation video  is,

  1. Select the set that is to be used as the backdrop for the video.
  2. Choose the characters that are going to share the screen space.
  3. Add sounds and effects using the inbuilt options in the editor and
  4. Finally, add the text which you want the animated character to say. This can be specified for each character in the video individually.

The user can customize the video using the following options:

  • Define motions for each of the characters in the video and make them move . The user can select from a list of predefined body motions that are available on the editor options.
  • [advt]Make the character point at something using the inbuilt ‘Point to’ feature in the editor.
  • Make the characters emote. Make them look sad, Happy or whatever the user wants. A combination of emotions can also be expressed.
  • The actors can also be made to look in a particular direction.
  • Adding effects such as sounds, pauses etc is also possible.

Once the video has been created, the user can:

  1. Listen to the changes made to the video.
  2. Preview the video along with the dialogues, effects and emotions using the Flipbook.
  3. Export the video to YouTube.

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