Livedrive – Automatically Back up Your Files Online

Livedrive automatically backs up your files safely online. It constantly monitors your computer for new files and changes and you can restore files, even deleted files quickly and easily. It’s totally secure, easy to use and quick to setup. Best of all, you get unlimited online storage space as standard.

With Livedrive, you’ll get a new drive on your computer – just like a USB stick. It is called Livedrive Briefcase. Any files you put on your briefcase are automatically synced across all your computers.

Livedrive will change the way you use your iPhone & iPad. Install free app and you can instantly stream all music and video on any of your computers straight to your device from your online file storage. The app lets you browse your Backup and Briefcase files on the move, wherever you are and view your documents, play your music or watch your videos – all streamed over 3G or Wi-Fi

It also provide a popular reseller package for web designers, system integrators and entrepreneurs. As a member of the Livedrive reseller scheme, you can start selling online backup, remote access and cloud storage to your customers instantly

The Livedrive management team is made up of respected industry experts and investors, who have lent their significant experience and financial strength to ensuring that Livedrive is both well-managed and well-funded

Livedrive providing two innovative and powerful features:


  • [advt]Livedrive Backup – a very simple, secure and robust online backup solution. Livedrive Backup keeps a copy of your files safely online, so that if they are lost or damaged you can retrieve them quickly and easily.
  • Livedrive Briefcase – a place to put the files you use most regularly, and access them absolutely anywhere. Livedrive Briefcase appears as a new drive on your PC, and you can use it just like any other drive, but your Briefcase files are also copied online and you can view or edit them from any web browser. If you install Livedrive Briefcase on more than one computer, all of the files are the same on every PC, and changes you make on one machine are replicated across all of your other computers.

It is not a free service

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