SMS Text Message Backup Service at Yahoo! India

Have you ever wanted an option to save your SMS text messages online for later recovery? Did you ever felt sad about having to delete some special SMS from your boy/ girl friend? Yahoo! India SMS Backup service is for you!

Yahoo! India now provides SMS backup in Yahoo!Mail. You don’t need to delete special SMS. SMS Backup service stores virtually unlimited number of SMS text messages online in and retrieve them later from your Yahoo! Mail account. The messages are stored in a folder ‘SMS Backup’ created specifically for your backed-up SMS messages. Forward your special SMS to 82438243 to have it stored. This service helps you backup online all the important & critical SMS, SMS from your loved ones, funny SMS, Official SMS and other special SMS.

You need to register your mobile phone in order to backup text messages. You will be sent an activation code on the mobile number specified. Confirm your registration with your Yahoo account. Registering for this service is free. Normal Value Added Service rates apply for each backed-up SMS message. For each SMS Backup, it costs Rupees 3 for Airtel, Idea, Aircel, Spice and RIM (Reliance India Mobile), Rupees 2 for Hutch, BPL and Tata, and Rupees 1 for MTNL and BSNL. Yes, it is costly. When your mobile number changes, you need to de-register your old mobile number, and then register your new mobile number.

When a message is forwarded, information about the sender (such as mobile number and name) is lost. So this information is not included with backed-up messages. Also, after the message is backed up, it cannot be downloaded to your mobile phone. Yahoo SMS Backup does not support picture messages and MMS messages currently.

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