Indian Railway Inquiries through SMS

Indian Railway provides SMS (Short Messaging Services) short codes for checking PNR, train availability, trains between two stations and ticket availability. See the list, though it is very confusing. The webpage is not user friendly at all. Indian Railway provides these SMS inquiry numbers : 5676747, 55888, 56677, 58888, 57886.

For example, see how 5676747 works, provided by railZone.

sms TRAIN to 5676747 to get the list of functionality.

Welcome to railZone
send sms to 5676747
PNR – PNR status
TL – Train List
TA – Ticket Availability
TD – Train Delay


Checking your PNR status
PNR to 5676747
You can also check your PNR status by simply sending the PNR number to 5676747
Example: PNR 1234567891

Checking for Trains running between two stations.
Send either the station name or station code. Name of the city must be a single word without spaces.
sms TL to 5676747
example: TL Delhi Mumbai

Checking for Ticket Availablity
sms TA
to 5676747
Example: TA 2432 delhi mumbai 1Nov

Currently the service is available on airtel, idea, BSNL, MTNL, Spice, BPL, Vodafone and Reliance.


  1. 139 seldom work, whenever it work it do not give the correct position of train, its customer care are rude do not know to talk property nor they give complete details, if you have at least 10 minutes then only call 139.

  2. to check the train pnr. this is easy. type your pnr in your mobile and send and sms 9773300000. EXAMPLE. 8256789563 send 9773300000

  3. You can simply use to find your current PNR Status and delay if any to your train timing. This is a absolutely FREE service and is provided whenever you PNR changes or train is delayed.You just need to key in your PNR & Mobile Number once !!!

  4. i sent message for pnr status by m ph no 9935427688 and 9845073270 on 19/9/10 at 5 am rs 6 deducted from my account of prepaid phones NO RESPONSE RECIEVED . I SUPPOSE THIS SERVICE IS FREE BY AIRTEL AS WRITTEN ON RAILWAY WEBSITTE WWW. IND RAILWAY.COM

  5. i am a daily passenger between agra and gwalior in the morning 8-9 am i start from agra. so pl tel me the position of chittisgarh, punjab mail , swarnjayanti express at agra cantt

    tell me the sms no so that i can get the train position at agra cant and gwalior

  6. hai sree..thks for info.
    well..i got a request: pls give us ur comprehensive comments abt Tata’s Plu2Surf-USB Modem and abt its tariffs-plan esply. i gone into their site..but got confused on tariff..pls help..bye n’ regards


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