Online SMS Reminder from SMSCountry

SMSCountry’s has an online SMS Reminder service that can help you to set reminder for important things. With this service you will be free from the job of remembering each and every occasion. It will remind you through SMS about anything at any date and at any time you want.

How to set a reminder alert using Reminder SMS?

  1.  Logon to with your “username” and “password”.
  2.  You are on “My Account” page. Click on the “Reminder SMS” link.
  3. [advt]Create your own Reminder SMS by giving details like Name of the Reminder SMS (for identification), Date & Time of trigger, the mobile number(s) to which the Reminder SMS needs to be sent and the text of the Reminder SMS.
  4. Click on the “Save” button and the Reminder SMS is saved on its server.

This Reminder SMS is promptly triggered as per the Date and Time set by you. Remember, your balance will be deducted when the reminder is sent, not when the reminder is created. So make sure you have adequate balance for the date and time set by you.

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