SMS Group Chat from SMS Gupshup

SMS GupShup has recently introduced GupShup Chat. The GupShup Group Chat enables up to 4 friends to chat with each other through SMS. Participants of the GupShup SMS Group Chat can reply to a message and the message will be forwarded to everyone.

To start a GupShup group chat, you can invite upto 4 friends by sending an SMS to in the following format:
CHAT <phno1> <phno2> <phno3> <phno4> to 567678

When a member of the SMS group chat send an SMS, the message will be forwarded to everyone in the group.

You can participate in multiple chats at the same time. Each chat that you are a part of uses a unique chat code. To send your message to a particular chat, just reply with your message to that chat code.


Your nickname helps your friends to recognize you on chats, making the chat easy to follow. It also helps in safeguarding your number, your nick name will be displayed in the chat instead of the phone number. If you do not set a nickname a part of your mobile number will be displayed when you chat with friends.

You may set or reset your nickname for the chat. Send an SMS:
NICK <YourNickname> to 567678

You can only join a chat to which you have been added by friends. To join an ongoing chat, ask your participating friends to add you. You cannot add to an ongoing chat by yourself.

To leave a chat, reply with END to any of the chat messages. Your message is sent to the code for that chat, and you have left the chat.

To view the list of people in a chat, reply with LIST to any of the chat messages.

To know more about SMS GupShup group chat, send HELP CHAT to 567678. You can as well reply to any of the chat messages with: HELP

SMS GupShup does not charge you anything for using SMS chat. Your carrier may charge for the SMS messages you send, which will be a maximum of Rupees 3 per SMS.

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