How to Add SMS GupShup Widget to My Blog / Website?

SMS GupShup enables developers to build SMS-based widgets and services using GupShup API. Developers can build a variety of widgets and services to share their GupShup group messages on their website or blog, and post messages to their group through their favorite website.

GupShup API uses a REST (Representational State Transfer) based interface. All requests are made as HTTP GET and POST requests. The REST response is either a XML or a JSON block.

SMS Gupshup also provides a widget which is ready to use in your website or blog. You can enter your group name and select a color scheme from the dropdown, and copy the generated HTML code to your webpage or blog template.


Whenever a new message is posted to your SMS GupShup group either from your mobile phone or directly from the smsgupshup website, the latest message will be displayed on the widget as well. The widget also allows visitors to enter their mobile number and subscribe to your gupshup group.

Get the SMS GupShup Widget

You can see the widget in action at, for the JOKEZ gupsgup group. To join the JOKEZ group, send JOIN JOKEZ to 567678.

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