Tip from London: Use Latest Technology to Break Your Romance!

The new generation is said to adopt the latest technology very fast. With a lot of social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook, Friendster, Myspace, Hi5, etc., it is easy to get introduced to someone and share romance. Thanks to SMS, every minute they send kisses and love to each other!

Here is the new tip from the British. Use latest technology to break Your romance! A survey conducted by moneysupermarket.com in Britain also agrees that technology is very much adapted for making and breaking relationships. See the quote from pcmag.

Some 15 percent (one in seven) of British admit to having been ditched over email or via text message (SMS) according to a survey reported on Reuters. The results show one per cent of the 2,194 people questioned in the survey would use a social networking site to dump a partner. Four percent confessed to breaking off all contact with their lovers without any notice at all.

So, are you ready to roll out these innovations in India? big grin

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