Airtel Reply-All Chat Group Messaging – SMS CHAT Numbers to 555999

Airtel LogoNow you can communicate simultaneously with multiple users by sending a single message. Reply-All Chat enables subscribers to communicate simultaneously with multiple users by sending a single message. The user has an experience like that of a conference wherein multiple people can participate at one given time using SMS.

Process Flow:

  • To form a Group – Sms space space… to 555999
  • All group members will get a Sms from 55599XX (pool number) informing them MSISDN X has invited you to be part of the group & who all will be part of the group.
  • To start chatting with the group just reply to this SMS (received from the pool number which is a reply path).
  • This invitation SMS will also carry information (Dynamic Help); subscriber can send Sms HELP to 555990 a Toll Free short code to find out various features of SMS Conferencing (Reply-ALL) Service
  • Subscriber can save the Short code (pool number) 55599XX from where she/he received any message sent by any group member of a particular group in his phone and next time she/he can select that same number from her/his phone book to send any message to the same group.
  • Besides above features, subscribers can – Create Nick Names, Aliases, Add members, remove himself from the group etc on this product. To find out on more command just send HELP to 555990 (Toll Free).


  • Flat Charge of Re 1 per SMS to the sender (the SMS goes to all members of the group).
  • Group members will not be charged anything to receive messages from any of the group members.
  • Any keyword sent to 555999 or the assigned pool number, user will be charged Re 1/SMS (This charges are when customer in his home and as well as roaming network)

Key Highlights:

  • Minimum 3 people & maximum 7 people are permitted in a group.
  • You can form or be part of multiple groups to use SMS Conferencing.
  • Easy to use, as any message sent to any specific group goes to all the members of the group.
  • Any member of that group can reply back by just replying to the SMS that he/she has received from any member of the group (customer does not have to remember any specific number while replying nor does he have to remember or type in the numbers of the members of the group to ensure that group SMS reaches to all the members of the group)
  • Currently, this service is live on Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Aircel, MTS, Videocon & Loop networks but all operators are being integrated & this will be a cross operator product i.e Group members can be subscribers of different operators (Indian Network only, no International operators are allowed/permitted).
  • Any specific number can block himself from being a part of the group/service.
  • You can give nick name (using Alias command) to group members or you can give name to various groups that you are part of.
  • You can add any friend to an existing group at any time even after the group is created (if it has not crossed the maximum limit of 7).

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