SMS Donation and Twitter Trends on Haiti Earthquake

The major earthquake that has struck Haiti on Tuesday 12 January, caused catastrophic destruction across the Port-au-Prince city of two million people. Twitterverse has responded to the 7.0-magnitude earthquake, tweeting calls to support various relief efforts by donating via Texting or Online Donation.

According to, 4 of the 10 most popular topics posted on Twitter were related to Haiti. Most of ‘Haiti’ tweets were about various options to help Haiti, including links to agencies such as the Red Cross and UNICEF. Twitter Trending Topics related Haiti earthquake were Help Haiti, Yele, Red Cross and Pat Robertson and Text.

Yele: Musician Wyclef Jean’s Haiti-focused organization, Yele is also accepting text-message donations. To donate $5, text Yele to 501501 from their mobile phone (US), which will automatically donate $5 to the Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund and will be charged to your cell phone bill. You can donate through the Yele website as well.

Red Cross: People are suggesting Red Cross donations to assist relief efforts in Haiti following the 7.0-magnitude earthquake of January 12. The American Red Cross allows anyone in the US to text HAITI to 90999 as an easy way to donate $10 to the recovery effort. The money is billed to your mobile phone account.


Pat Robertson: The evangelical preacher said that Haitians “swore a pact to the Devil” in the past, hence the earthquake. People are tweeting their opinions on his comments.

Haiti: A 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck 10 miles off the coast of Port-Au-Prince.

Text: There are a couple different numbers you can text to to get Haiti earthquake relief donations added to your next cell phone bill. Details given in above.

Oxfam International has also set up an earthquake response fund.

Since the Haiti quake, Facebook had over 1,500 status updates a minute containing the word “Haiti”.

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