iPhone 4G to Korean Market in April

Korea Times reports that Korea Telecom KT plans to introduce an upgraded version of Apple iPhone, the iPhone 4G, to Korean market soon.

KT is an exclusive local partner of Apple to sell iPhone in Korea. It is assumed that the test delivery iPhone 4G for corporate clients will begin in April 2010, a massive user will see the new Apple smart phones on the shop in June.

The new 4G iPhone will be equipped with OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display instead of the LCD screens in the earlier iPhone. It will support live video chat. It is assumed to have removable battery with almost twice the battery life against the previous models.

iPhone 4G will be loaded with dual core processor and powerful graphic chips (GPU) that can deliver higher video resolutions and high resolution photographs. he main body of iPhone 4G will have an additional camera for video calls support.


Designation 4G in the name of the new iPhone only indicates that it is the fourth assembly of the device. Name 4G is not connected with the mobile network of the fourth generation, under which, as a rule, imply WiMAX and LTE.

It is discussed that, the reason for an early introduction is deisgned to counter Google’s rush of higher speed smartphones with the open-based Android operating system.

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