Skype Video Calling on Facebook Coming Soon?

Facebook LogoFacebook had recently announced that they were planning to launch something awesome coming this week. Though they did not disclose about what is that awesome thing which they have intentions to launch. But now, there are rumors spread in the web era that Facebook will implement Skype calling, including video chat, within the Facebook interface.

It is possibly Facebook’s answer to the Hangouts function in Google’s new social network, Google+ which was recently launched by Google past week .

“We don’t have anything to share at this moment. Will keep you posted if that changes,” Sravanthi Agrawal, a spokeswoman for Skype, said in an email.

In 2010, Facebook said that it had partnered with Skype on Skype 5.0, which allowed users to sign in with Facebook and then connect to their friends using the Skype application. A Facebook application called SkypeMe For Facebook also allows Skype calling from within the Facebook network.

In March, Facebook and Skype were said to be mulling a partnership that would tie Skype directly into the Facebook environment.

Currently, users can call Facebook friends using Skype, which is a less integrated approach.

[Guest post by Amandeep Singh Nagpal,]

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