To-Do / Task List Organizer for Android – Free Download

Task List – ToDo List is an Android app that helps you to get your tasks organized and lets you keep track of everything you need to do. You can organize tasks in your own to-do lists and assign icons to both the tasks and the lists.

Important features of the Task List includes basic productive sync, widgets, task reminders, icons, repeating tasks, speech to text, backup/restore, search and ordering tasks by drag n’drop.

You can add task using speech recognition function “Speech to new task” command to a button. When you press that button you will be able to speech the name of the task that should be added.

Task List is a very customizable todo list with lots of settings. Actions can be assigned to buttons and swipe movements to make the app behave like you want.

Download Task List ToDo List from Android Market

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[advt]To make fastest way to add a task, you can assign one of the buttons on your android device. For example, from the settings menu you can assign a command to either the search button or volume up/down button. For this just press Menu and Settings then press Navigation. If you assign the Add task command to the volume up button you will be able to add a new task every time you press volume up.

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