Xero – Online Accounting Software for Medium-Sized Businesses

Xero is an online accounting software product for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as for personal finance. It includes a full accrual accounting system with a cashbook, automated daily bank feeds, invoicing, debtors, creditors, sales tax and reporting. The product is sold by subscription requiring the payment of a monthly fee. This charge is proportionate to the number (and type) of company entities managed by the subscriber.

It runs your business and accesses your accounts from work, home or on the go. You can invite others to view your accounts and provide valuable real-time advice. Your data is completely secure even if your computer is lost or stolen.


  • Dashboard: Instantly see all your bank balances, recent sales and upcoming bills.
  • Multi-currency: Reconcile foreign currency accounts. Gains & losses are calculated for you.
  • Payroll: Do pay runs and track wage expenses or connect with your payroll system.
  • Expense claims: Handle personal expenses – just review and approve receipts.
  • Compare: The important things to consider when comparing accounting software.
  • [advt]Free online support: Unlimited, around the clock email support and detailed online help center.
  • Financial reporting: Instant, up-to-date reporting with quick links to all the original transactions.
  • Pay bills: Manage your spending and make bill payments in bulk to creditors.
  • Contacts: See your most important customers and suppliers to follow up right away.
  • Getting started: Try Xero for free and get up and running in no time.
  • Mobile: Do invoicing, expenses and track cashflow on the go.
  • Inventory: Track stock movements and make invoicing even easier with inventory items.
  • Fixed asset depreciation: Easily update fixed assets and depreciation schedules for accurate reporting.
  • Security: Your data has never been safer.
  • Personal finance: Simple budgeting tools keep you on top of spending and savings goals.

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