RockMelt New Version – Gmail Notifier, Direct Tweet & FB Status Updates

Rockmelt Browser announced its first update 2 weeks after its beta launch.

The latest version of RockMelt ( has improved stability by upgrading the underlying Chromium to version 7. Twitter and Facebook integration and sharing also has enhanced. Rockmelt team have created and added  RockMelt-specific Gmail Notifier App to the updated Rockmelt.

If you’re already using RockMelt, your browser will update automatically within the next day of the release. You can download it yourself by opening the RockMelt menu in the upper left, choosing “About RockMelt,” and checking for updates.

Enhancements in Version

  • New Gmail Notifier App to let you know when you have new email. To install, just go to, sign in, and click on the “Add Apps” button at the bottom of the App Edge
  • Tweet directly from the Twitter App using the new “compose” button at the top
  • Update your status directly from the Facebook App by clicking on the new “compose” button at the top
  • Search within the Facebook, Twitter, and News Apps by typing in the new filter box (Windows users press CTRL+F to invoke)
  • Compose messages, write on walls, or go straight to a website through richer context menus when you right-click on a Friend or App in the Edge
  • Faster, more consistent Twitter and Facebook feed updates and notifications
  • Look for more invites and improved notifications in the enhanced Invite App
  • Hide or show edges while in full-screen mode, just like in the normal view
  • Upgrade to Chromium 7 for improvements in speed and stability and better HTML 5 support [source]

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