ProtoShare – Online Collaborative Website Prototyping Tool

ProtoShare is an online, collaborative, website wireframing/website prototyping tool that reduces interactive project rework while increasing profits. Immersive digital experiences don’t get built from a book of flat specs. Rich, interactive prototypes enhance stakeholder understanding, significantly reduce rework and lead to the creation of better digital experiences. And drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to build.

Real-time feedback allows your team to share early and share often a process that brings great ideas to life. ProtoShare’s easy online collaboration gives key stakeholders project visibility. When you get buy-in early, last-minute surprises, delays, and costly late stage rework are significantly reduced.

ProtoShare allows website prototyping by enabling developers to create a true interactive experience with a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG interface. Team members and clients can then collaborate on the interactive prototype. Once the process of prototyping and collaboration is finished, the development team will have a strong visual specification to follow, reducing rework, delays, and cost in the programming stages.

Rich Interactive Prototypes: Easily create engaging, visual experiences that lead to greater understanding and better feedback.


  • States and Dynamic Interactions
  • CSS, Javascript, & HTML Prototypes
  • Upload Images, Flash, or Other Files
  • Custom Components & Unique Functionality
  • Dynamic Data Grid & Tree View

Real Time Collaboration: Involve project stakeholders early and often. Reduce costly last-minute feedback that delays projects and increases costs.


  • [advt]Browser-Based Access
  • Real Time Collaboration
  • Easy Comment & Review
  • Synchronize Remote Teams
  • Communicate in Visual Format

Code Free, Drag & Drop Creation: Quickly and easily create hi-fi prototypes with ProtoShare’s powerful drag & drop components.


  • Drag and Drop Components
  • Create Templates (masters)
  • Create Clippings (dynamic stencils)
  • Duplicate Projects
  • Store Assets in Palette

A Complete Process: From brainstorming to creative review to building, collaborate throughout the entire process, all in one central location.


  • Upload & Review Project Creative (Images/Flash)
  • Test Multiple Layouts Per Page
  • Make Design Comps Clickable
  • Review Live Websites
  • Document Project Objectives & Requirements

Easy Exporting: Export and share prototypes as fully interactive websites (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) or generate comprehensive, printable spec documents.


  • Export Prototype as Interactive Website
  • Conduct Online or Offline Usability Testing
  • Provide Unlimited Access without Collaboration
  • Print a Comprehensive Spec Document
  • Maintain a Local Backup Copy

Web-Based Software: Free yourself and your team to focus on projects, no more worrying about updates, platforms, maintenance or IT support.


  • No Software to Install, Update, or Maintain
  • Platform Independent Software
  • Secure, Global Access
  • Hosted in a SAS-70 Environment
  • Enterprise Self-Hosted Options


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