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MyScriptFont is a free web application that lets you create font in your own handwriting. You can create font in your handwriting, download it to your computer, and then use it in any application, like you use any other font. With you can give your digital produced documents a personal touch. It enables you to use your own handwriting like every other font installed on your computer.

How to create font in your handwriting?

MyScriptFont makes it quite easy to create font in your handwriting. To start with, you download a template that you need to fill. Just print this template, and fill in the characters in your own handwriting. This is how your font will look like. It should be quite easy to fill it up.

Once you have done that, scan the template. Then go to MyScriptFont, and upload that scanned template. It will read your handwriting from that template, and will create a font for that. You can give a name to your font, and select type of font that you want to create (TTF, OTF, or SVG). If you don’t know what type you want, just select True Type Font.

Then click on the “Select File” button. MyScriptFont will read your scanned template, and will give you a link to download font that has been created from your handwriting. The process takes just a few seconds. And it is totally free to download the font.

[advt]If you do not have a printer and scanner to print and scan the template, you can use Webcam Signature software to fill the template directly in your computer with your pen (though, the results might not be very accurate).

Once you have downloaded the font, just install that font in your computer so that you can use it with other applications (like, Word processor). This page has the instructions to install font on your computer.

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