– Build Mobile Optimized Website that Works on Every Phone helps you to build mobile web apps and mobile optimized websites that work on every phone with a couple of clicks and for free. The mobile CMS used to for building and managing sites and pages is very easy and straightforward, letting you add and edit content with a few clicks and allowing you to customize the look and feel of your mobile website quickly and effectively.

Pages are created choosing their “type” among an ample and growing library of widgets so that minimum effort is required to accomplish a complex result. For example to create an RSS list only the RSS feed URL is required, same thing for a YouTube channel page, a Facebook Fan Page or a Twitter stream.

From a totally free plan to a completely white label solution, offers users and agencies the most advanced tool for easily and effectively creating web apps and websites that truly work on all mobile devices, from the latest iPhone and Android to Windows Phones, BlackBerry’s and old glories such as the Nokia 5000.

The mobile website / web app created is truly cross device as it is produced in 3 versions:

  • one optimized for iPhone and Android devices (WebKit browsers) using the Sencha Touch framework thus delivering a native-like experience
  • one optimized for non-webkit touch smartphones (Nokia C6, Windows Phone) using an adapted version of jQuery Mobile
  • one optimized for older/non-touch devices (BlackBerry’s, older Nokia’s) that looks and behaves well also on these feature phones lets you put together your own mobile site by choosing from lots of different templates and page types, and you’ll get to customize the images and colors of your site too. And full integration with Google analytics is provided, so that you can always know what’s making people stay on your site, and focus on that kind of content. Plus, the site you’re building is always going to remain free from ads.

It has:

  • [advt]no HTML, no coding or design skills required
  • build as many mobile sites as you want
  • huge selection of ready-made templates
  • works on over 5,000 different phones and tablets
  • totally free to try, no obligations

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