PointerStick – Tool Which Add Virtual Pointer to Your Screen

PointerStick is a tiny tool which adds a virtual pointer to your screen, perfect for highlighting specific areas during a presentation. It is designed to be used with presentations on a large screen, it allows to emphasize desktop activity and makes it easier for viewers to follow the cursor. You can adjust the size of the pointer, choose from several pointer skins and also switch to your regular mouse pointer via mouse clicks or keyboard hotkey.

Just run the program and (by default) a very large pointer appears. Just move your mouse cursor as usual, and the pointer stick adjusts position to point at the same thing; anyone watching, even from a distance, will clearly get the message.

Of course a pointer stick of this size may get in the way sometimes, but fortunately this is easily fixed. Just triple-click the mouse, press Ctrl+Alt+Y or Ctrl+Alt+Z and you’re able to toggle the stick on and off, which means it need only be displayed when you really need it.

If this still isn’t quite good enough, though, clicking the program’s system tray icon reveals a handy configuration console, where you can set the stick size, colour and style, transparency and more.

Download PointerStick 


  • [advt]Very Small Program
  • Low CPU usage
  • Adjustable size of Pointer Stick
  • Several Pointing-Stick textures (bitmaps)
  • Optional alpha transparency
  • Optional deactivation by mouse or keyboard input
  • Optional translation feature
  • Portable
  • Multilingual

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